Hi I am Ryan Goralski and I have been helping bodies to become more joyful for over 25 years.  I'm a Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement® Practitioner,  Licensed Massage Therapist,  and Yoga Instructor.  If you are struggling in your body, let's meet and create a strategy for you to feel less pain and more comfort.  Perhaps your lower back does not allow you to ski the slopes like days of old or your knee keeps you from enjoying a favorite run.  Maybe the work place responsibilities have triggered knots in your neck or simply sitting in the car for too long sends pain up your spine.  If you are feeling stress or discomfort in your body, let me guide you to relief. I'm passionate about helping you restore that inherent grace, fluidity, and joy back into your body...your life!



​Will help you to reduce or eliminate pains, normalize range of motion, and return you to a happy and  fully functional state of well-being.


Monday thru Friday 9-5 by Appoinment Only 


Location:  Mind Body Physical Therapy 

2877 Lake Tahoe Boulevard

South Lake Tahoe, CA