STEP 1- Call me and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and set-up our first visit.


STEP 2- Most sessions last about 1hr 30 mins.  For the first visit allow an additional 15 mins as we will cover your health history details and discuss your goals for the session(s).  Then, you will change into appropriate attire that suits your comfort level, usually underwear or work-out shorts and tank top or sports bra.  From here, we will observe your habitual stance and walk to determine unique patterns and compensations in your body, giving us a strategy to achieve better balance and ease.  We will begin the hands-on table work with deep and slow applications into specific areas while asking for movements that elicit change in the connective tissue web.  Progressing thru the session, we will track your response with constant attendance to your comfort level.  After a few minutes to help you integrate the work, we will rise back into gravity and re-assess your biomechanics via sitting, standing and walking.  Each session will conclude with a clear and concise movement pattern ("homework" if you will) that will help you to explore and apply the changes into everyday life.


Step 3- Payment is accepted at the end of each session.



Rolfing                                                          $155

Rolf Movement

Tune-up/ Post Ten Sessions

Massage Therapy


*Sessions generally last 90 mins


We accept: